Biological Arts Theatre  
A practice-led research theatre platform that aims to bring new meaning to Asian theatre through Life Sciences and Advanced Technology



Biological Arts Theatre (BAT) is a practiced-based research network that aims to bring art practitioners and non-art practitioners (esp. scientists, engineers, etc) to be engaged in a ‘systematic enquiry’, for the purpose of understanding how artists and scientists use the “research-based workshop” as a research principle from the use of shared knowledge and decision making process.

BAT aspires to be significant in the following areas:-

  • Adopt a research methodology that strives for a participatory research approach with  individuals from various fields such as science, engineering, medical, etc.
  • Strive for a broader spectrum to achieve various creative outcomes; rather than one spectrum of creative output.
  • Strive for new meaning in traditional aesthetics through interpreting materials, narrative, location and body to Asian modernity.
  • Use of ‘systematic enquiry’ to translate the participatory research principles for the purpose of education and community engagement 

  • Objectives 

    • Introduce Singapore artists of all kinds to the rapidly developing new area of biological art and establish a biological art movement in Singapore.
    • Establish collaborations between  artists, dancers  scientists, and 3D Filmmaker leading to other potential creative projects.
    • Establish Singapore as a world leader in the development and creation of biological theatre, an entirely new art form, leading to world media, scientific and artistic attention that will generate other collaborative projects in these areas.
    • Increase skills and pride in Singapore artistic production locally.
    • Identify potential new industries in the creation of biological art works suitable for incorporation with traditional weaving, costume-making, music and other art forms.
    • It will be the world’s first biological theatre production and inevitably new techniques and outcomes will be the result as a large number of talented artists from all disciplines create new art works using biological techniques.
    Main  Collaborators

    Dr.S.Chandrasekaran, Artistic Director/Founder

    Santha Bhaskar, Artistic Director/Movement

    Gary Cass, Scientific Director

    Madhura Nayak, Guest Artist